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Debra Lerner Cohen is daughter of Ted Lerner and Annette.


Theodore N. "Ted" Lerner (C. sustained. 1925) is an American real estate developer and principal owner of the Washington Nationals baseball team. The concession was previously owned and operated by Senior Baseball League 15 February 2002 until the official transfer of ownership over July 24, 2006. Lerner wealth comes from his real estate business, Lerner Enterprises, which is fully owned and operated by the Lerner family. Companies headed by Lerner Lerner and directors of the company are his son, Mark Lerner, Robert Tanenbaum (son in-law), and Edward Cohen (son in-law). The son is also principal owners in the nationals. The brand's son Ted Lerner is also a minority partner in Lincoln holdings, the company that owns all of the two NHL Washington Capitals and WNBA Washington Mystics and a minority of two NBA Washington Wizards and Verizon Center . His daughter, Marla Lerner Tanenbaum, is president of Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner Family Foundation and Co-Chairman of the base of the Washington Nationals.

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Lerner also serves on the Steering Committee and the Steering Committee of George Washington University.

Lerner is listed in Forbes'les richest Americans of s 400 as the 165th richest person in America with an estimated net worth of $ 2.5 billion. He mansions in Chevy Chase, Maryland and Palm Springs, California. As well as other scattered residences.

Notable achievements

* Associate of Arts from George Washington University
* LLB from the Law School of George Washington University
* 1990 American Academy of accomplissement'récompense gold plate s of excellence
* Elected to the Washington Business Hall of Fame by Junior Achievement of the National Capital Region in 2003.


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"Suffering" in the Church caused by the "child abuse"
This mass is the first non-sporting event at the stadium, which opened only three weeks ago. The building, inaugurated in March by George W. Bush is the stage of the baseball team of the "Nationals" and belongs to its constructor Theodore Lerner. The banner of the "Nationals" neighbors Thursday with large panels in honor of "Pope Benedict XVI (Pope Benedict XVI), the dominant place of celebration.

During the homily, the pope returned to the scandal of pedophile priests, saying the "suffering" caused in the American Catholic Church by these "child abuse" by priests found since 2002. "Huge efforts have been made to resolve this fairly and squarely tragic situation," he said. "Efforts to protect children must continue" (To listen to the audio of the Special Envoy of the Cross, click here).

Benedict XVI also spoke of "signs" of a collapse of the very foundations of society ": the rise of violence," weakening of the moral sense, "degradation of social relations and" growing forgetfulness of God. "He concluded by few sentences in Spanish, the language of many American Catholics of Hispanic origin.


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The Yankees are worth twice as much as the Red Sox

The recession meant to really hurt the sports industry has not finally been too much effect on the value of major league baseball franchise that, on average, amounted to nearly $ 500 million. Unsurprisingly, the New York Yankees still enthroned at the top of the pyramid ($ 1.6 billion) while "the Poor" Pittsburgh Pirates occupy the last row ($ 289 million) in this regard.

The most recent annual estimate made by Forbes, the Yankees are worth almost twice that the concession ranking second at $ 870 million (all amounts are in U.S. dollars), the Red Sox.

In addition to winning their 27th world championship title in 2009, the Yankees remained easily the top of this list - which is approaching one day? - With an increase of 7% over the previous year.

With their new stadium and despite several empty seats - the most expensive - the Yankees have pocketed $ 441 million revenue. They can say thank you to the 3.7 million spectators who cashed without a blow of price increases in some cases incredible.

This turnover is impressive indebted in part by the conclusion of the richest broadcast contract in baseball and the establishment of a subsidiary responsible for the management of food concessions in the stadium, Legends Hospitality Management.

Ultimately, the operating surplus amounted to $ 25 million.
Red Sox to Mets

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The Red Sox are now more valued than the New York Mets ($ 858 million - 6%) with a positive 4%.

In addition to having a competitive club on the field, this concession has the advantage of being the only team sport in the seventh-largest television market in the United States, which may explain its good ratings local governments, Best of all major league baseball.

Boston fight every game sold out Fenway Park in the small, allowing it to require an average price of $ 50 per ticket, the second highest level behind the Yankees ... ($ 67).

The Red Sox have collected an operating profit of $ 40 million in 2009, six million of the leaders in this area, the Florida Marlins, a team with a very small budget.

Because the profits they made last year, the Marlins have won two rows in the assessment made by the business magazine. Jeffrey Loria concession occupies the 27th place ($ 317 million), just ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays ($ 316 million), the Oakland Athletics ($ 295 million) and Pirates (289 million).

Record profits of $ 522 million

The 30 major league teams are worth on average $ 491 million, or 2% more than last year.

Despite the worst economic crisis since 1929, concessions have reaped record profits of $ 522 million, an average of $ 17.4 million per team.

How is this possible?

The construction of new stadiums, like New York (Mets and Yankees) and Kansas City, among others, as well as the renovation of a number of infrastructures have fattened the revenues of the two leagues (American and National) 1 , 4% to $ 5.9 billion.

In addition, owners have been there a little more easy on the salaries paid to players. Large contracts are still being made, it's true, but established players who did not deliver the goods had to accept significant pay cuts. Thus, the total payroll of Major League Baseball has contracted by 1% in 2009 to total $ 3.3 billion.

Another important consequence: only two teams (Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks) lost money last year thanks to $ 433 million that the teams in a large market have moved to clubs that have more modest .

To view financial data on all major league teams here.

Eight billionaires

Forbes has also focused on the fortunes of the team owners to conclude that major league baseball had eight billionaires.

Among them, there is a regular, George Steinbrenner (Yankees), and a newcomer, J. Joseph Ricketts, whose family acquired the Chicago Cubs last fall.

The others are wealthy Arte Moreno (Angels Los Angeles), Mike Ilitch (Tigers), Theodore Lerner (Washington Nationals), Robert Drayton McLane Jr. (Houston Astros), John Malone - Liberty Media (Atlanta Braves) and Hiroshi Yamauchi - Nintendo (Seattle Mariners).

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