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Kathy is wife of Roger Penske (Penske Auto Group operates more than 300 car dealerships)

Kathy Penske is wife of Roger Kathy Penske with husband Roger Kathy Penske - Roger's family

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Roger Penske, a graduate of Lehigh University (Pennsylvania), became known in 1960 when he won the USAC championship (Class F) with a Porsche RSK.

In 1961, he finished fifth at Sebring (race taking place then over 3 hours), still a Porsche. At the end of the season, it is aligned by John Wyatt in the Grand Prix of the United States at the wheel of a Cooper-Climax. Qualified in 16th position, he finished a fine 8th place, 4 laps of Innes Ireland, Lotus winner.

In 1962, he finished fifth again at Sebring. He participated again in the Grand Prix of the United States, with a Lotus-Climax Team Zerex. 12th on the grid, he finished ninth at 4 laps of Jim Clark in a Lotus official winner. A month later, he runs the Mexican Grand Prix non-championship, but dropped a gearbox problem.

In 1963, he finished second of 24 hours of Daytona and the fourth at Sebring, driving a Ferrari 250 GTO. He also disputes the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the North American team Ferrari NART. He won the USAC championship (Class D).

In 1964, he made prowess at the Speed ??Week Bahamas. He won the Tourist Trophy (Chevrolet Corvette) and the Governor's Trophy.

In 1965, he hangs up the gloves to start his own team. From that moment his life is intertwined with that of his team.


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Honest American
First GP: 1961 USA
Last GP: USA 1962
Number of GP: 2 (an off-championship)
Best result: 8th
Best qualification: 12th

Past results

1960: USAC champion (Class F)
1963: USAC champion (Class D)

Roger Penske, born February 20, 1937 in Shaker Heights, Ohio, is an American motorsports personality. Author of a great racing career in the 1960s, he subsequently founded the racing team Penske Racing, which became one of the most prestigious teams in the American motorsports and has emerged in numerous disciplines, including Formula 1.


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Mercedes-Benz took over the distribution

The millionaire businessman and passionate automotive, Roger Penske, abandons the distribution of small smart in the U.S.. It must be admitted that its plan to sell more than 20,000 units per year in the country of Uncle Sam is difficult to achieve. Faced with this failure, Penske decided to abdicate, leaving the distribution to the beneficial owner of the mark, Mercedes-Benz.

Roger Penske had undertaken to sell the small city, of organizing and maintaining a network of dealerships while maintaining the marketing campaigns. Now is the Stuttgart manufacturer that will ensure these areas. Mercedes provides the direction of joint decision that is consistent with the objectives of sales are higher for next year. And these goals are stakeholders of a broader strategy to increase market share.

It has sold nearly $ 14,000 less smart last year compared to the 2009 vintage. For its part, Penske has been able to sell small cars in 5927 throughout the U.S. in 2010. This is definitely not enough for billionaire auto. Several rumors about the future of the brand. One of them, the arrival of a possible four-seater version of the smart. Meanwhile, Nissan abandons its plans to build a four-door hatchback in conjunction with smart. Times are tough for the small city!


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Roger Penske would buy it Saturn?

At a time when General Motors tried to get rid of much of its builders, certain scent ... good deal!
Thus, Roger Penske would be interested in buying Saturn.
But first, who is Roger Penske? He is a former American racing driver who began by buying a car dealer before becoming one of the most important automotive sector in the country. Incidentally, it was he who distributes the Smart in the United States.
But his passion is motorsport, where his teams have distinguished themselves in many disciplines for many years.
Tony Pordon, a spokesman for Penske, said:
"We have an opportunity to acquire Saturn, but it's very premature to speak of redemption today. Anyway, I can confirm that we're interested."
Penske would be the second buyer the most "credible", after Black Oak Partners.
Saturn would be a worthwhile acquisition, because in addition to the extensive network that represents the brand, it has very close ties with Opel!


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The Saturn system saved by Roger Penske

General Motors announced Friday the sale of its Saturn system to the company Penske Automotive Group, headed by the formidable businessman Roger Penske.

This news was quick to reassure dealers and employees of the brand, whose future was uncertain.

Both parties involved in the transaction were not disclosed the terms of the agreement, but it is understood that Penske would have paid about 175 million U.S. dollars to purchase one of the family jewels ... GM.

The Agreement (tentative) provides, in addition to the trademark rights, the purchase of spare parts inventory of Saturn and the right marketing vehicles.

Clearly, the agreement will continue to operate the 400 dealers (Canadian and U.S.) and save about 1 300 jobs.

It was also agreed that GM will continue to produce at least three models over the next two years, namely the Aura sedan, the SUV and minivan Viewed Outlook.


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The ailing U.S. carmaker General Motors has reached a preliminary agreement to sell its division to the Saturn businessman Roger Penske. The agreement would allow Penske Automotive Group to acquire the trademark of Saturn, as well as its manufacturing and distribution. General Motors would continue to supply the vehicles Aura, Vue and Outlook Penske during a transition period, as a contractor.

Penske would also aim to acquire any additional vehicles from various manufacturers such as Renault and GM to improve the range of vehicles offered by Saturn. The transaction price is not available. Penske is based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It has a network of 310 dealers across the United States under 40 banners for the sale of new and used vehicles, and more than 25 repair centers. The company is best known for its presence in motor racing and has also engaged in the manufacture of parts and services in rental trucks. It is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. market the Smart For Two, two places economic vehicle produced by Mercedes.


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The hocus-pocus of Roger Penske

The legendary Roger Penske hopes to bring the IRL champion Sam Hornish Jr., Sprint Cup (formerly Nextel) for the 2008 season.

However, it has not managed to qualify to drive a Dodge for Team Penske. Roger Penske came up with the idea of ??transferring the points of the owner of the No. 2 Dodge of Kurt Busch to that of Hornish, which would allow it to start the first five races of the year, regardless of its time qualifications.

Indeed, for these first races of the season, it is the owner's points last season that counts. As for Kurt Busch, Penske does not doubt his abilities to be able to qualify. And if he could not do it, there would still be his six appearances "free" thanks to its championship in the past. And NASCAR has approved it!


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Gil de Ferran returns to IRL with the son of Roger Penske.

Since the end of last season, we knew that Gil de Ferran wanted to set foot in IRL. Now it is done with an association between three de Ferran Motorsports, Steve Luczo and Jay Penske, the latter two co-owners of the Luczo Dragon Racing. The winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 2003 became President and Manager of Luczo Dragon Racing / de Ferran Motorsports.

After two seasons in the American Le Mans Series on an Acura, the Brazilian is a new challenge: "It's a very exciting announcement. Our goal is to build a team that focuses on high technology and performance development. We have a very talented driver in the person of Raphael Matos, who won at all levels. We hope to become one of the most competitive teams in IndyCar Series IZOD. For the record, Jay Penske is the youngest son of Roger Penske. He has succeeded in business in the field of publishing.

We wish good luck to Gil de Ferran, we have enjoyed the rub during our various travels in the ALMS.

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