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Sir Michael Kadoorie recently illustrated in establishing a record: an order of 14 Rolls Royce for its luxurious hotel in Hong Kong, Peninsula. Rolls-Royce bespoke and fully decorated with the effigy of the palace. But the Hong Kong billionaire did not really need that to stand out from its Asian counterparts. His life and his family well enough. Descendant of an Iraqi Jew, Michael Kadoorie has inherited an empire in the financial variable, based primarily in Baghdad, then to Shanghai, Mumbai and finally Hong Kong, where he holds citizenship. Today he is head of CLP Group, which he owns with his family 35% share, and which produces and distributes electricity to 2.2 million consumers, representing 80% of the population of former British colony.


The prestigious Hotel "The Peninsula" Hong Kong has been to deliver 14 Rolls-Royce Phantom. In the history of the British manufacturer, it is the largest order from one customer.

In Hong Kong, luxury hotel "The Peninsula" transports its customers since 1970 Rolls-Royce (RR). A tradition that is not ready to fade, since the hotel garage that must now be replaced by a fleet of 14 Phantom! This is the biggest contract manufacturer registered by the British, remember, is for the BMW Group. But even with this control, China is becoming one of the biggest customers for Rolls-Royce in the world (see box).
For the record, it will indicate that it is Ian Robertson, head of RR himself who made the trip to deliver the keys personally to Sir Michael Kadoorie, Chairman of the hotel chain The Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels Limited . As for the Phantom 14, they are all executions were performed using the long desires of the customer through the extensive program of personalization of the brand.
Everything has been done in detail ... to chrome plates that are located on the door sills and mentioning the name of the hotel (see photo inset). In real roller rooms, 14 Phantom all have a dress specially designed for this special order and consists of 18 different leathers. Better still regards the woodwork, as each car uses the wood of one tree for its decorative history to avoid differences in hue possible.
Audio equipment is not left with a facility to 15 speakers delivering an output of 420 watts and connected to DVD players to 12-inch LCD screen on the back of the front seats. End end a compartment for cooling towel was also added to the rear. In short, what details make all the exclusivity of a Rolls-Royce and confirm, once again, its supremacy over a Maybach, its only rival in the segment of ultra-luxury.

China, big market for Rolls
Rolls-Royce is preparing to close 2006 with a 60% increase in sales and should surpass the 600 vehicles delivered. In this volume record, the most prestigious of all car manufacturers have sold over 70 limousines to its new customers in China. The country thus became the third largest market for Rolls-Royce in the world after Great Britain and the United States, and especially the first in Asia to the Japanese market. The enthusiasm of the Chinese middle class for this label is such that the number of dealers RR in this country will rise from 4 to 7 in 2007. Who said China was still communist?


site for Philip Kadoorie.

I want to see the Presidency

Live white herons, Moorish fountains, sculptures Genoese, colorful murals and French carpets are some amazing things they can find Panamanians and tourists in the presidential palace, located in Old Town, "if you get an appointment with the service protocol responsible for visits or is not suspended at the last minute.

This is the experience of Michelangelo, a Spanish tourist of 65 who came to Panama in mid-February in order to know the beauty of this country, including the Palace of the Herons, named for the unique people of the patio Arabic which enters the building, two sandhill cranes and white herons.

There are only three of these elegant animals. The remaining six have died and the presidency, according to Eduardo Martinez, Communications of the entity, has no plans to purchase more.

"Between Tuesday and Friday four-day passes are arranged through the building," said Griselda Bernal, coordinator of tours around the place. However, Michelangelo had to "go to the Yellow House to submit an application, write emails and call" to get the appointment for Friday.

Yesterday the tourist spot heading to the palace when he received a call from Griselda Bernal, reporting that the visit was "suspended official activities" and would study "it in February."

However, the Presidential Palace, built in 1673, was timely in 2008 with characters like the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, the former U.S. first lady, Laura Bush, and the well-known businessman, Michael Kadoorie.

Website created for Philip Kadoorie.


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