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Sandra Ortega Mera, eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega, and Rosalia Mera, has an estimated fortune of 350 million and occupies a half of charges in a dozen companies.
Manolo Rodríguez.A Coruña


Sandra Ortega Mera, eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega, and Rosalia Mera, first man and third richest woman in Spain, met in the last seven years an estimated fortune of over 350 million euros. At present, occupies a half of charges in a dozen companies have with his mother, according to data from the Registry. And all under the umbrella of Rosp Corunna, the corporation's head, which Rosalia Mera owns 86% and Sandra Ortega, 14%.

However, Sandra Ortega and currently has a large personal fortune achieved, especially in the last five years. With 31 years-now 38 - his name began to appear in several companies registered in the Register. His entry into the world of business is generated from the hand of his mother, Rosalia Mera.


The Czarina. This is how you begin to know in the fashion industry to Marta Ortega, a young girl of only 23 who is called to take command of one of the largest textile groups in the world.

Is the youngest daughter of Amancio Ortega, founder, president and principal shareholder of the Inditex group and his right eye. Last December, Martin assumed the executive, as vice president in the two holding companies with which the Galician entrepreneur controls 59.3 percent of the company: Gartler and Partler 2006. And it is only the first step. As recounted by relatives, has also made it temporarily set aside one of his passions, horse riding, to form in the best business schools in Europe.

Marta is the daughter of Flora Pérez, the second wife of Amancio. Inditex patriarch married her in 2001, at the same time the group went public and after 19 years of relationship. Ortega has two children with his first wife, Rosalia Mera, but Marta has deposited in his trust. Sandra, her eldest daughter has followed other paths, and Mark, the second of their offspring, another mainstay of his life, was born with a disability.

Marta studied at the Jesuit school in Santa Maria del Mar. He speaks English, French and Italian, has studied in Switzerland and London and has been licensed to note in International Business. But more importantly, from small, has known about problems and successes of Inditex. When he was only five years, the company jumped international with the opening of its first store in Portugal and only one later in 1989, came to New York.

A giant

Today the company is a giant that employs nearly 70,000 people, has about 3,200 stores in 64 countries and last year achieved a turnover of 8,196 million euros. A business incompatible with his career Amazon. And that carries twelve years devoted to the equestrian and her father did not hesitate to build on the grounds of a former dairy Equestrian Center Casas Novas in Arteixo (La Coruña) so he could train and compete officially. Of course now Amancio Ortega may for a time, sleep easier. Passion for his daughter, but say in your environment that is the heart shrinks every time your child gets on a horse, fearing a fall.

The owner of Inditex, who remain anonymous to avoid any public presence, declined an invitation to attend the wedding of the Prince of Asturias, now looks forward to the day to marry his daughter. For three years out with Gonzalo Testa, son of Catalan businessmen.


Sandra Ortega shared with his sister Marta Ortega the great heritage of
Sandra Ortega Mera, the eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega, and Rosalia Mera, and has an estimated fortune of 350 million.

IA .- According Xornal Coruña Manolo Rodriguez reveals the daily La Opinión de A Coruña, Sandra Ortega Mera, eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega, and Rosalia Mera, first man and third richest woman in Spain, met in the last seven years an estimated fortune than 350 million euros. At present, occupies a half of charges in a dozen companies have with his mother, according to data from the Registry. Rosp operating from Corunna, the corporation head, which Rosalia Mera owns 86% and Sandra Ortega, 14%.

The first daughter of Amancio Ortega is the other great heiress, with her sister, Marta Ortega, and the second wife of the employer, Flora Pérez, the great heritage of the founder of Inditex (18,000 million euros, according to Forbes 2007 list .) It is also heir to the fortune of his mother (2,500 million), along with his brother Marcos Mera.


Began in the haberdashery La Maja, thriving trade of A Coruña, where he found all the people who later would create his empire. Ortega has not forgotten his beginnings and, despite being the richest man in Spain, has refused to be a "man executive."

Are the eleven o'clock in the industrial area of Sabón (A Coruña), where Inditex (Textile Design Industry) has its headquarters in an area equivalent to 47 football fields, excluding the 30,000 meters 2 of new buildings. The Audi President through the security barrier of the new intelligent building, whose construction has cost 1,500 million pesetas. It's here, calculated in the department of women's Zara, which usually, if not traveling, the chief spends his workday. The halls of the tuberculosis clinic, austere and functional, with no diversions to distract from the work, echoing the footsteps of Amancio Ortega, 64.

If external attributes were to judge the richest man in Spain (their companies are worth one billion pesetas and his personal fortune, at 800,000 million, according to The Economist, ahead of the 500,000 million Emilio Botin) nor more seasoned psychologist achieved unmask his identity. Far from the glitz, the icons of luxury and status, Amancio Ortega took refuge in the normal. Oxford dress shirt, gray pants and shoes Spaniards, a uniform repeating since antiquity with a disdain for change difficult to assimilate into a revolutionary prêt à porter. A Ortega, paradoxically, his personal clothing brings al fresco. Since the early days of his youth, the inventor of the zaravolución assimilated as their own that the habit does not make the monk. We decided back in 1963, when he crossed the threshold of a bank branch in the neighborhood of Los Coruña Mallos to ask for a modest loan with which to create Goa Apparel, the first company in the Inditex group. Not on that occasion, in which he accompanied his brother Antonio, he went through his head attached to the neck tie, or below, has succumbed to pressure from the environment to bear the guise of executive man. Why?

One might think that Amancio Ortega Gaona, the man who granted interviews probably less in the history of business journalism, none so far, is a sullen, serious defects of diction, a kind of Quasimodo self-conscious, obsessed with personal safety and attacked by several paranoia. A lack of explanation from the character, national imagination has attributed the most varied reasons for their desire to get rid of the media. Manias not without the owner of Zara, but the little house above picture with his personality. Man could not be more discreet, a few friends and many acquaintances usually begin their day with a morning breakfast at the Club Financiero de A Coruña, in the company of their usual friends. Usually always the same though, occasionally, a new member joins the group. The breakfast takes about 20 minutes and includes juice and coffee. The talk deals with a bit of everything, as in any gathering of coffee: football, hearsay, personal ... Team members are local businessmen and professionals, none of the textile, and other small business the most. Among the roster of friends of Amancio are just politicians, but his niece Maria José, the daughter of his sister Josie, married with a son of Romay Beccaria, Minister of Health of the first government of Aznar.


In its immediate environment: textiles, has also great friends, but the owners of Caramel group. We know that the rest of the profession has no great sympathy towards the Galician group, to the point that the master of fashion organized by the University of A Coruña, which is held every Friday until after the summer, a leading businessperson refused to give his class the same day he was scheduled a presentation on the Inditex model.

Before departing with the usual breakfast and account, Amancio given to him by kicking the ball in the sports facilities of the Club Financiero. Whenever you can see Depor matches on TV or in Riazor, where nobody will notice because 99% of A Coruña has no idea of how physically.

The identification of Amancio with A Coruña has given rise to many confusions regarding its origin. Born in a village in León, Valladolid mother and father, Ortega and his family moved to Corunna where his father, rail by profession, he spent the north. Along with his older brothers Antonio and Blondie, but at different times, Amancio find its definitive work in the haberdashery La Maja, where people converge all essential to the creation of Zara. La Maja was a thriving trade in the city that came to have three stores open to the public and a warehouse. He sold many genres from Catalonia and was run by the Castro family Quintás. Antonio, the elder brother of Amancio, enjoyed by the owners of La Maja a special fondness for all employees. His outgoing personality and gentle Castro convinced the couple to make it one of their reps. Also the youngest of the Ortega business prospered and reached messenger dependent, changing their status to coincide with the entry in the Maja of a young apprentice named Rosalia Mera 16 years Goyenechea, which would become the wife of Amancio in a few years.

The good atmosphere of La Maja led to put up an experiment suggested by Amancio. Primitive, the young woman Antonio, worked as a seamstress. Amancio by his office had the idea that Early could sew for them gender chosen by the firstborn from the Castro and himself, to his modest production was absorbed by the trade itself. Amancio soon realized that the value added was on the road. This reflection led him to decide if they wanted their way would have to be themselves, the family. Zara was born. Along with Rosalia Mera, Primitiva, Antonio, Pepita and Amancio left them La Maja journeyman Jose Caramelo (future creator of the signature candy). In a dark street under Noya, frequented by rats and the damp, began production of the gowns Guatín blue roses with the living, so fashionable in the 60's.

Thirty-eight years later, financial experts predict that in the upcoming IPO of the group, it reached very on the number of billion pesetas. Inditex today provides direct employment to more than 13,000 people and many others indirectly. In 1999, the Spanish holding company won ten out of 100 pesetas sold its 420,000 m2 of retail space and turnover of 337.171 million pesetas. Ortega's empire includes five major fashion chains, three of his own creation, Zara, Pull & Bear and Bershska, and two Spanish companies acquired, Massimo Dutti (1985), and Stradivarius (1999). In total, the group has 924 points of sale in 31 countries and is home to other businesses outside of clothing such as financial, distribution, insurance, real estate and even developers. In fact, the house currently occupied by Ortega with his second wife, Flora Pérez Marchetto, whom he met at the premises of Sabón when she worked at one of its plants, is part of a building complex built by the firm Alvarez Concha, Inditex which owns 30%. Prior to this duplex in a middle-class neighborhood known for Zalaeta (though in A Coruña jokingly called Zaraeta by the large number of executives and middle managers who live in it), Amancio lived alone in an apartment in the Plaza Coruña Orense where he settled after his separation from Rosalia Mera in 1986.

Far from being able to qualify their personal and professional life as a bed of roses, Amancio Ortega has suffered serious setbacks. In the 70's worked from dawn to dusk and picked up very little of this effort. Screwed up trying to emulate the formula of the stores where they sold everything and had to start again from the beginning, almost ten years later. However, was hardest hit in the face. His only son, Mark, was born with severe congenital disability. Today, the Paideia Foundation, created by Rosalía Mera and funded in part by Inditex, an annual event convened by the name of Marcos Ortega Mera, for work addressing the social integration of disabled people. Also, the deaths of his brother Antonio first, with 54, and his father have so far limited to Amancio two of his most important supporters: those who put him into the world and who was his best friend and most faithful partner.

From his first marriage to Rosalia Mera, Amancio has two children: Sandra and Mark. None of them works with his father in the company, although his son, Pablo Gomez, a well-liked guy in the house. At the moment the son of the chief enjoys no managerial responsibilities.

With Sandra, mother of the only grandson of Ortega, and Martin, 15, daughter of his second marriage to Flora Pérez, President of Inditex shares her passion for horses. To his two daughters (Martha even competes in European competitions) Amancio has acquired in the town of Larache Coruña the grounds of a former dairy factory. Coming soon, the country's best equestrian facilities will be located in this lost corner of the Costa de la Muerte, although currently unknown if they will be open to the public or will remain private.

Out of his weakness for cars (running a story by the company that managed to blow the engine of a porsche) and horses, this man would only lose sleep Zara. For she is able to remove a worker from his bed in deep sleep, unable to restrain his impatience to solve a computer problem or to test the feasibility of an idea that has come up suddenly.

Apart from this eccentric millionaire impatient, though he maintains that it is the responsibility of feeding many families what they lose sleep, Amancio habits rub normal more disappointing. Unless you travel, daily lunch at one of the five dining rooms of Inditex to its employees. Your fellow diners do not necessarily match every day and certainly not all executives. The squeamishness of Ortega in that area are zero. On Saturday, one day you come home, do it all together at the same table, including service in an office attached to the kitchen. The lunches are always cordial and relaxed and everyone agrees, also the maid who adores Amancio and prefer over the rest of the family. Amancio's culinary tastes are focused on the precious free-range eggs from their chickens and fresh vegetables grown in their manor of Anceis (12 km from A Coruña, in the place of Altamira). Also in dining habits has taken this adoption Coruña (rejected the possibility that the headquarters of the foundation Amancio Ortega, the future custodian of his legacy, was in Holland although he favored tax decision) the simplicity of the Galician culture: the less developed, the better.

For his taste, he would move to live in Anceis, a XVII century baroque manor of the most beautiful of Galicia, in fact it dreams of one day but the rest of the family is very satisfied. Amancio also owns a villa in Galicia, Spain and an apartment in Marbella. The latter is usually not ever. Buying a home in Galicia, Spain was the brainchild of his nephew, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Cebrián, CEO of Inditex, who married the only daughter of Antonio Ortega, María Dolores. Of all the family, Juan Carlos is the person with the most influence over Ortega. The CEO of Inditex also has a yacht moored in the port of A Coruña, which they attribute to Amancio but only uses it.

Until the great expansion of the 90, Amancio knew most of the employees of factories and warehouses by name. Surprisingly high percentage of men and women made themselves who made their careers in the company. (For example, a former truck driver is now the highest authority in men's shirt). That familiarity has ceased to exist in a multinational company with face and paternalistic practices. Thus, Amancio has also abandoned his habit of visiting Torreiro Saturday, Zara closer to his home in Zalaeta and flagship store of all of A Coruña. Currently the job they should know and the department are the ladies. Him highlight his incredible intuition, creativity, ability to delegate and hold each of your job, your total dedication to the company, its democratic ideas and their fans to listen. As for faults, accused of: an ambition that does not translate into personal vanity, but in the frenzy to place your company regardless on the highest rung of the podium, his stubbornness and his habit of promoting competitiveness between the equipment and fuel and resentments and animosities among colleagues.

But if there is some feature that stands out in the character of the city Ortega neutralizing the rest, this would be his distaste for the word exclusively ... Never allows its designers and business to put their personal interests to those of the company. So the findings in the trip to London, Tokyo, New York and India are shared and multiplied as the Biblical miracle of the bread and fish. Commercial selfishness so characteristic of luxury brands is banished Sabón facilities.

Those who know him closely say Amancio Ortega always like to get away with it. If the experts do not recommend the opening of Zara in Venezuela and he is convinced that to be there, not only will a deaf ear to his advisers but even buy the most expensive building in the history of the company (8,000 million pesetas) . The Spanish fashion czar has surrounded himself with top talent in business management but he still has the last word. For men of business Amancio Ortega is the classic prototype of the Jewish businessman (a Rothschild or Rockefeller), a self-made man who built from scratch to the beat of talent and effort, the third largest textile world after California chain GAP and H & M (Hennes and Mauritz). This man, bland appearance, with some dewlap, medium height and large inflows in the hair, the common man not accustomed to spend his life in Incosol thinning and travels in a Falcon 900 of his property, has provided the Spanish business culture a democratic vision hitherto unknown. In an uncompromising struggle against all appearances, the city Ortega, has dedicated his life.


Rosalia Mera-founder of Inditex's second richest woman

She admitted it made just a couple of days: It is still presented as "ex wife" Amancio Ortega, owner of the Zara empire. But not only that, "also keeps saying that it was he who helped me," says their close circles as a discreet suggestion. So Goyenechea Rosalia Mera (1944), effectively ex-wife's co-founder of Inditex, but also a woman extremely discreet, friendly and above all, professional.

There is no doubt go down in history as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Spain. In fact, not only still owns seven percent of the second largest textile group in the world, is also, according to this week published the magazine "Forbes", the second richest woman in the world on merit. None of inheritance or "gifts."

Mera has earned his fortune, estimated at 3,500 million dollars, with the sweat of their brow. And that, as in more than one occasion been criticized-discreetly, of course, means there are few who remember that Amancio Ortega, one of the ten richest men in the world, began his huge fortune "helped" by what would become his wife and mother of their first two children: Sandra and Marcos, only son of Ortega, who came into the world in 1973 with a severe congenital disability.

Like it or not, and it affirms "the bible" of the world's millionaires millionaires, Rosalia Mera has a fortune greater than those of other women "self-made" (made for themselves) as Oprah Winfrey, sixth in the rankings with 2,400 million dollars, or JK Rowling, author of "Harry Potter." Only Asian multimillionaire property developer Zhang Xin has amassed more money than Mera.

But something else distinguishes the Spanish millions of other "use." And not only that, curiously, fashion, fortune engine, you want it too much. Stresses its progressive ideology and philanthropic. Little is known of it because the media has run all his life, but those who know say that communion with socialist ideas. Her daughter Sandra studied, in fact, in a public, not as Marta Ortega, "Crown" of empire, and daughter's second marriage to Flora Amancio Perez, who was educated among the Jesuits of A Coruña, a boarding school in Switzerland , and the prestigious European Business School in London.

But it is the altruistic spirit that makes a woman Rosalia Mera unique. He has not forgotten his roots, you'd think it was a gown of "boatiné" which started making when he was 18 years in a humble basement Coruña Noya street which would bring the rule Inditex. Out came Zara, and his two sons were born there. Although Marcos was the arrival of which, in some ways, changed his life.

The intensive care required that the baby moved out gradually Rosalia business until 1986, took two important decisions: to separate from Ortega, who is only bound by business issues, and creating the Fundación Paideia Galiza struggling to reintegrate -challenged, people with my psychic. Sandra Ortega Mera, unaware of Inditex, is the current vice president, while Mark is both a prestigious award established by the Foundation.

But there is no passion for the "public service", as she defines her altruism. Mera also collaborates with various NGOs. The woman who dresses in Zara "only sometimes", as he confessed, not hide it consumes junk TV and fleeing any interview that is not on their work. However, values the importance of the media, something her former husband has taken time to understand.

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