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Ms Soumaya was married with Carlos Slim in April 1966.

Soumaya Domit was philanthropist, art promoter and promoter of the Telmex Foundation

Soumaya Domit, wife of businessman Carlos Slim Helu, has died at 50 years old victim of a chronic renal disease. The funeral ceremony, held at the family home in Las Lomas, had a massive attendance: hundreds of businessmen, politicians, bankers and government officials came to the residence, located on Avenida de Las Palmas.

From his home invaded floral arrangements never ceased to arrive from the south, the body of the scion of one of Lebanon's Maronite families in a long funeral procession left toward the French Pantheon. Loop Road to spontaneously formed a fence that formed dozens of people with carnations in their hands.

Paraded the cream of the economic and political power, most rigorous black when he left the carriage way to the cemetery, the women who helped him in his house tearful goodbye.

Soumaya Slim's health was fragile. Recently, his kidney disease had worsened. Philanthropist, female character known as soft but lingering from his youth was devoted to works of charity and later to boost the Telmex Foundation and the Museo Soumaya, in Cuicuilco, which houses the art collection of Auguste Rodin's most important out France.

Daughter of businessman Michel Domit and niece of former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel, Slim lady came to Mexico when she was six years old. By marrying Carlos Slim, he began his career as a stockbroker and venture into the real estate business. In his marriage fathered Carlos, Marco Antonio, Patricia, Soumaya, Vanessa and Joanna.

In the most critical years of the Lebanese war uncle Bashir Gemayel was assassinated in a bombing in Beirut being elected president. His other uncle, Amir, took office. Middle of this conflict, much of the fortune of that powerful family emigrated to Mexico.

Symbol Slim Domit marriage covenant is the very name of Grupo Carso, the conglomerate of the family empire, combining the first syllables of Carlos and Soumaya (CARS).

Family close friends recall that since her husband, Carlos Slim, bought Telefonos de Mexico, Soumaya, along with the union of the company, worked to create the Telmex Foundation, to benefit the telephone. This philanthropy extended to include tasks to support school students and college students with limited resources throughout the country and led medical support to indigenous communities in the Sierra Tarahumara.

His hard work in support of patients with renal diseases, who provided guidance talks, was also recognized. Emphasized the combination of work provided to overcome working families and in promoting cultural activities.

The news of his death spread quickly yesterday noon between political and business circles of the country. One of the first to arrive home from the Slim was President Ernesto Zedillo, who accompanied the relatives for a few minutes. The sons of the chief executive would come later. A house in Lomas de Chapultepec also arrived the Interior Minister, Francisco Labastida Ochoa, the owner of Televisa, Emilio Azcarraga Jean, and the three sons of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. Weasel, also came and went through the same door José María Córdoba Montoya.

Cultural personalities, intellectuals and artists also came to pay his farewell to one of the richest women in the country, discreet but important promoter of art.

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